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Presentation RSE 16001849

Application of hybrid modelling system for the evaluation of NOx and PM10 concentration in an urban area.


PM2016 - Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico17-20 , Maggio-2016.

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G. M. Bedogni (AMAT-Agenzia MobilitĂ  Ambiente Territorio Milano), G. Riva (RSE SpA) , A. Toppetti (RSE SpA), G. Pirovano (RSE SpA) , N. Pepe (Politecnico di Milano), A. Balzarini (RSE SpA), G. Lonati (Politecnico di Milano)

EMOBILITY 2016 - Electric Mobility

This study presents the results of an yearly simulation of hybrid modelling system able to reconstruct air quality at urban scale, with particular emphasis on the role of road transport and heating.

The estimate of the population exposure level in heterogeneous environments and with a high population density as the urban area of Milan, that is subject to emissions primarily from road transport and heating, requires the application of modeling tools able to adequately reconstruct the space-time variability of concentration levels.In this work we present the application of a hybrid modeling system (HMS) over the urban area of Milan for calendar year 2010. The particularity of the hybrid system is given by the fact that the combination of two modeling tools allows to reconstruct both the processes at regional scale that effectively evaluate the spatial distribution of the concentration levels in the urban context due, for example, to the road network.

The regional model was applied on 3 nested grids, the last relative urban area of Milan (1.7 km grid step). The local scale model was applied over 2 nested grids, with higher resolution (20 and 10 meters), the latter covering the Milan city center (1.7x1.7 km2). Compared to the regional scale model, HMS introduces some improvements in the reconstruction of NOX, while performance remains substantially unchanged for PM10, with an underestimation more influenced by basin scale processes than model resolution.

An improving element could be the introduction of the traffic resuspension emissions, which is currently under study.

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