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Presentation RSE 16003050

A multi-model case study on aerosol-meteorlogy interactions with regional online coupled chemistry-meteorology models


10th International Conference on Air Quality Science and Application 15-18 , Marzo-2016.

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R. Forkel (KARLSRUHER INSTITUT FÜR TECHNOLOGIE), G. Pirovano (RSE SpA) , A. Baklanov (World Meteorological Organization, Geneva), A. Balzarini (RSE SpA), Altri Autori (Altri Autori), R. Baró (University of Murcia)

MON4-GRID 2016 - Management, monitoring and control of the transmission grid

This work describes on-line coupled model results both in terms of radiative feedback and impact on meteorological ad air quality fields.

The importance of different processes and feedbacks in online coupled chemistry-meteorology models for air quality simulations and weather prediction is investigated in COST Action ES1004 EuMetChem ( In order to analyse the aerosol direct and indirect effects and the response of different models to aerosol-meteorology interactions case studies for two episodes were performed with different online coupled models (Baklanov et al., 2014) as a coordinated exercise of Working Groups 2 and 4 of EuMetChem.

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