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Presentation RSE 17001463

The technical specifications of biomethane and the state of the legislation


Biometano Day, Il biometano dalla produzione al consumo finale, 3, Marzo-2017.

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M. Scagliotti (RSE SpA)

BIOENERGY 2016 - Bioenergy

The presentation illustrates the energy and quality requirements which biomethane must satisfy to be marketed, by grid injection or directly to the automotive gas stations, following recent developments in standardization.

The presentation introduces some critical technical issues for the grid injection of biomethane and for its utilization as automotive fuel. A few impurities, such as sulphur compounds and siloxanes, that can be found in biogases from different feedstock, may affect gas engines, lambda sensors and exhaust after treatment system catalysts. Specific studies, that have been required to define proper criteria for biomethane grid injection and automotive fuel use, together with the lack of consensus on a few parameters have been causing significant delays in the CEN standardization projects.

The presentation shows an update of the European standardization projects and of the actions that have been undertaken at national level by CIG, CUNA and UNI. The standardization frame is now almost completed. UNI EN 16726:2016 and UNI EN 16723-1:2016 standards as well as the Technical Report UNI/TR 11537:2016 are now available, while the publication of the European standard EN 16723-2 and of the UNI Technical Report, prepared by CUNA for the biomethane that is directly used as automotive fuel, are expected in the forthcoming months.

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