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ERIGrid-related webinar to be held on 16th November to study the future of smart grids

ERIGrid-related webinar to be held on 16th November to study the future of smart grids

Conventional power systems are being turned into cybernetic ones. A project involving 18 European research centers aims to develop methods to analyze, assess and validate complex cyber-physical systems through an integrated approach. RSE coordinated a specific work package under the project.

Renewable energy sources are key factors to curbing CO2 emissions and tackling global warming.

Their inherent intermittency, however, forces operators of transmission and distribution grids  to face unprecedented technological challenges to ensure that power systems remain highly reliable.

Emerging automation and communication technologies provide new smart solutions to those challenges, leading conventional power networks to turn into cybernetic systems, a smart grids. Ongoing research activities are focusing mainly on the validation of several aspects of such grids, but generally speaking no integrated approach to analyse and assess complex configurations is available yet.

To fill this gap, the ERIGrid project - European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems, Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out – was set up with the aim of of developing methods to validate smart grids using an integrated approach to the analysis and assessment of complex cyber-physical configurations.

18 European research centers together will provide integrated efforts to carry out the analysis, validation and roll-out of different smart grid configurations. ERIGrid will thus provide a pan-European research infrastructure to support the technolgy development of smart grids and the dissemination of smart grid-related notions and solutions at a European level.

In addition to networking and research activities, ERIGrid will grant transnational access to the experimental infrastructures of its project partners, with a view to facilitating the development and demonstration of new activities and research projects put forward by industrial companies and other European research centers.

Under this project, RSE acted as a coordinator of the work package named Implementation and Demonstration of Use Cases/Scenarios in the Integrated Research Infrastructure.

Over the last few months, several experiments have been carried out at different lab facilities to create a “virtual” research infrastructure capable of testing major case studies available at each of said labs.

A webinar will be held on the 26th of November to illustrate the main experimental results achieved under the implementation of the work package.

In addition to RSE, represented by Luigi Pellegrino, the list of contributors includes SINTEF – (Norway) ICCS-NTUA (Greece) and the University of Strathclyde (UK).


Check out the link to the EriGrid webinar