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For the third time EU Project Coordinator!

For the third time EU Project Coordinator!

After the success of the SmartNet project, RSE will be coordinator of the new Horizon2020 project. The project coordinating person will be Gianluigi Migliavacca, who coordinated SmartNet as well.

The kick off of the project will take place in Milan (hotel Cavour – via Fatebenefratelli 21) on 9-10 October 2019 and will feature a first public day with participation of the main European stakeholders and a second day dedicated to the organization of the Consortium.

The new project FlexPlan, responding to call LC-SC3-ES-6-2019, aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility elements in transmission and distribution electricity grids as an alternative to building new lines. This is coherent with the principles of the new EC package Clean Energy for all Europeans which emphasizes the usage of flexibility in the phases of grid planning and operation. In sight of this, FlexPlan will create a new innovative tool whose ambition is to include the state of the art of planning methodologies: integrated T&D planning, full inclusion of environmental analysis, probabilistic methodologies instead of N-1 criterion, dynamic programming over several decades. However, FlexPlan is not limited to building a new tool but it will also use it to analyse six regional cases covering nearly the whole European continent. Such simulation cases will be used to cast a view over the grid planning in Europe till 2050 and, in particular, to answer the question of which role could be played by flexibility and how its usage can contribute to reduce planning investments yet maintaining the current system security levels. The project will end up formulating guidelines for regulators and for the planning offices of TSOs and DSOs.

The overall budget of FlexPlan is nearly 4.5M€. The consortium includes, beyond my company RSE, thee TSOs (TERNA, ELES and REN), ENEL Global Infrastructure (representing the DSOs: e-distribuzione, present in the consortium as linked third party, ENDESA and the Rumanian DOBROGEA) and several R&D companies and universities from 8 European Countries (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain) and N-SIDE, the developer of the European market coupling platform EUPHEMIA.

Milano, 9-10 ottobre 2019

Hotel Cavour – Via Fatebenefratelli 21