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Meeting FlexPlan-ENTSO-E: focus on flexibility

On 18th of February the meeting between FlexPlan (a project that aims at establishing a new grid planning methodology considering the opportunity to introduce new storage and flexibility resources in electricity transmission and distribution grids as an alternative to building new grid elements) and ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, also member of the FlexPlan Advisory Board) took place.  more


Now online the IEA Wind 2019 Annual Report

It’s now available the IEA (International Energy Agency) Annual Report on the highlights from the IEA Wind TCP global network advancing wind energy development, and on the work of the cooperative research Tasks, as well as the research and deployment activities of the member countries -Italy included, also thanks to Rse- and sponsor organizations.  more


ERIGrid has won the RGI's “Good Year of the Practice Award” in the category of "Technological Innovation & System Integration"

On Oct. 29, 2020 the European project ERIGrid, in which RSE was involved as WP leader, will get the RGI’s award “Good Year of the Practice Award” in the category of “Technological Innovation & System Integration”. RGI (Renewable Grid Initiative) is a cooperation of NGOs and TSOs from across Europe engaged in the energy transition.  more


ISGAN Academy on Smart Grids

Mission of the ISGAN Academy on Smart Grids is to offer the ISGAN community of high-level engineers, decision makers, students and public in general, technical updates in the field of smart grids.  more


Smart Design for Smart City, an RSE project to train technology designer

A year of work. An ambitious goal: to train young designers on the topic of Smart City. SD4SC is a project of Octagon and RSE.  more


Webinar “Regulatory frameworks for cyber security in the electricity sector"

The objective of the event, that took place on March 24Th, promoted by GESEL in partnership with CIGRE-Brazil, was to present the evolution of the European and North American regulatory frameworks for cybersecurity in the electricity sector, in addition to the main challenges faced in this context and the lessons for the Brazilian case.  more


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