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e-MOTICON gets ready for its final public event

e-MOTICON gets ready for its final public event

Save the date: on March 26, 2019 a conference and an exhibition targeted at representatives of the sector will be held in Milan. Carried out under RSE’s coordination, the project is reaching its final stage by providing regional administrations with tools and solutions that will enable them to implement the optimal distribution of interoperable electric charging infrastructures

The e-MOTICON project [e-MObility Transnational strategy for an Interoperable COmmunity and Networking in the Alpine Space] is getting ready for its grand finale: Milan’s piazza Regione Lombardia will host the project’s final public event featuring a conference and a tailored exhibition for players in the industry.

In addition to the 15 project partners from 5 European countries, the event will gather representatives from European public administrations, regulatory authorities, local public transport companies, e-mobility and charging station service providers.

Implemented under RSE’s coordination, e-MOTICON is a project that belongs to the Alpine Space programme, an INTERREG programme targeting the Alpine regions, and it aims to provide support to public administrations to ensure the even development of e-mobility.

By enhancing public administrations’ planning capacities and strengthening the integrated administrative competences and technical skills required to build interoperable electric charging infrastructures – in addition to fostering the adoption of innovative planning instruments – e-MOTICON is actively contributing to spreading use of e-mobility.

The project aims at tabling an innovative cross-border strategy that will enable a more widespread distribution and greater interoperability of electric charging stations in the alpine space. 


Further details on the e-MOTICON project are available at:

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Tavola rotonda F. Balocco, C.M. Terzi, R. Ambrogi