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Three countries “keep their balance” with the eBADGE project

Three countries “keep their balance” with the eBADGE project

RSE’s contributes to creating a balancing simulator involving Austria, Italy and Slovenia. An analysis is provided of the economic benefits of a shared management of power reserves.

An international workshop will be held on 17 September at the University of Trieste, Italy. For the electric power system to work properly, it is essential to achieve the real-time balancing of power generation and load. Balancing markets are fully operational throughout Europe by now, but they typically do not cross national borders. Promoting a matching of different entities would, instead, enable to take a step forward towards the creation of a genuine pan-European energy market, while also reducing dispatching costs through enhanced sharing of the energy resources in stock.

In the framework of the European research project titled eBADGE (, RSE has created a balancing simulator involving three countries, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Using the simulator, the economic benefits were analyzed that may be brought to the three countries - especially Italy - by sharing resources to achieve balancing.

On the next 17th of September, the University of Trieste will host an international workshop titled Opportunities and constraints of a transnational balancing market in Europe. The workshop aims to outline the regulatory development with special reference to cross-border balancing while at the same time providing an overview of the different stakeholders’ perspectives (ENTSO-E, TSO, regulators, producers, market operators) with special focus on Italian operators. Moreover, the results of RSE’s simulation carried out under the eBADGE project will be presented.