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Feeding the Planet (also) with electrical energy

Feeding the Planet (also) with electrical energy

Concomitantly with the World Exposition, RSE takes centre stage in three conferences to be held in Stresa and Lecco. These world-class meetings’agenda will revolve around smart grids as an integral part of globalized grid systems

Just like Milan has now become the centre of the world with Expo, RSE will be at the heart of the energy world in three world-class meetings to be held in the forthcoming months. As a matter of fact, this is not entirely coincidental, as a topic like feeding the planet, energy for life – obviously approached from the perspective and with the competences of a centre of research into energy - is a good match for the core topic of the aforementioned meetings.

Power grids can be seen as the transportation and distribution system for some sort of peculiar - but absolutely vital - kind of food: electrical energy. In a few words, smart grids are seen as an integral part of modern, globalized electrical grid systems, required to be increasingly environmentally compatible and Earth friendly. We start off with CIGRE Italia (26-28 August, Stresa) – the Italian section of the International Council on Large Electric Systems - launching a workshop on the advances of elctrical energy transportation grids in the context of low carbon scenarios.

Environmental interaction has become one of the distinct feature of RSE research activities that relying on the support of Terna has driven Italy’s recognition as a leading country in this field. Grid environmental-related innovation has also led to better-looking power lines that can better itegrate with the landscape; the workshop will provide a prestigious setting for a stimulating parade of industrial design solutions. Following suit, the assembly of ISGAN - International Smart Grid Action Network - Executive Committee (15-18 September, Lecco).

The event’s chairman, Michele de Nigris of RSE, freshly reappointed to a third term, purposely chose our Country as the congress venue to reaffirm Italy’s role as the originator of this important Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency. Definitely not an easy challenge for the 40 members of the Committee representing their respective countries. It’s about providing an interpretation of an international, globalized market that can facilitate the development of electrical grids in a variety of very different settings with a common feature: a massive technological growth that cannot but be shared with others.

The third event features the meetings of the International Electrotechnical Commission, the international organization dealing with standards for the electricity sector, taking place in Stresa from the 21st of September to the 2nd of October.A number of Technical Commitees for grid innovation will gather in plenary sessions; amogst other items, technical standards for electromagnetic compatibility will be on the agenda, with a special view to applications requiring the combined trasnportation of data alongside electrons.

In this field, Italy holds a widely recognized leading role; namely, RSE works in close cooperation with Enel Distribuzione as well as with Italian manufacturers.