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HORIZON 2020 PlatOne, FLEXPLAN, and INTERCONNECT on the starting line

HORIZON 2020 PlatOne, FLEXPLAN, and INTERCONNECT on the starting line

Between September and October 2019, three new European projects funded under Horizon 2020 will officially be launched. Combinedly, PlatOne, FLEXPLAN and INTERCONNECT will contribute a total of almost 1.5 million euros to our research institution in the coming years.

PLATONE - PLATform for Operation of distribution Networks

Volatile renewable energy sources combined with less predictable consumption patterns call for higher levels of observability and exploitation of flexibility. These two challenges are traditionally tackled separatedly.

PlatOne, instead, proposes an innovative approach to a joint data management for both, putting the grid users at the centre, investigating their needs and expectations and using the underlying blockchain to unlock the potentials of higher dynamics of response.

A blockchain-based platform is the access layer to generators’ and customers’ flexibilities able to break traditional barriers to access by providing certified measures to all the players. In conjunction, certified data and signals will be used for an innovative DSO platform to locally maintain system integrity fostering confidence in flexibility operations.

The platforms will be tested in 3 large pilots in Europe and analysed in cooperation with a large research initiative in Canada.

FLEXPLAN - Advanced methodology and tools taking advantage of storage and FLEXibility in transmission and distribution grid PLANning

The current level of development of non-programmable energy sources makes the development of  transmission grids  increasingly complex and undetermined.

Investments into the grid are highly capital-intensive and infrastructures are made to last several decades; in some cases, however, by the time a new line is ordered, it is already no longer the best option.

FlexPlan aims at creating a new tool to optimize trasmission and distribution grid planning by taking into account the positioning of flexibility elements. This new approach is intended to contribute to reducing the overall costs of electricity systems. In addition, FlexPlan will consider factors such as environmental impact and footprint.

A pre-design tool to determine the position,size and costs associated to each “candidate” for storage and flexible demand will also be created. In particular, six possible regional scenarios on 2030-2040-2050 will be analysed in detail.

INTERCONNECT - Interoperable Solutions Connecting Smart Homes, Buildings and Grids

InterConnect envisages to contribute to the democratization of efficient energy management, through a flexible and interoperable ecosystem where demand-side flexibility can be soundly integrated with effective benefits to end-users; indeed, the latter should be able to choose and change their technology providers without having to replace their installation every time they feel this need while still being able to adopt sustainable behaviour and benefit from technological advances. The energy sector is seeing a steep move towards digital and becoming tremendously user-centric and market-driven. The size of the system is significant, as the number of energy service providers is increasing. This is the reason why this project integrates relevant partners from all the representative stakeholders in this new energy paradigm.

7 large scale pilots in different countries and with different end-users are foreseen to achieve a significant scale.