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Offshore Safety RSE and MiSE tailor safety awareness to the general public

Offshore Safety RSE and MiSE tailor safety awareness to the general public

A serious game will use play to spread awareness on the importance of preventive risk management as a means to prevent possible criticalities from affecting the safety of installations, workers and the environment

“Innovating communication in innovation”

That’s the slogan that sums up one of the main aims of the cooperation that’s been going on since 2015 between RSE and the Ministry of Economic Development’s Directorate General for safety, which includes the environmental safety of mining and energy activities. 

Within the framework of said cooperation, RSE covers a variety of areas including in particular, the promotion of innovative forms of communication targeting the general public, featuring user friendly solutions that also fit very advanced technical or scientific topics. 

“It’s a key issue - said Michele De Nigris - because however good research may be, poor dissemination might nullify all of its efforts”. 

That’s the rationale behind Offshore Safety, a serious game created by RSE that revolves around how to safely manage hydrocarbon production processes.
Offshore Safety was presented and launched on the main app stores in the 18th of December in Milan with the participation of all the units belonging to the Offshore Safety Network set up by the Ministry, and of qualified research and industry professionals.

Through play, Offshore Safety aims primarily to spread awareness on the importance of a pre-emptive risk management to prevent critical events from negatively impacting the safety of production installations, workers and the environment.
The contents related to safety at offshore platforms are displayed in pop-up menus during the gaming session.

The game preview and download are available at