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SMART GRID Italy passes the torch but won’t give up its leadership

SMART GRID Italy passes the torch but won’t give up its leadership

Leadership changeover for the International Smart Grid Action Network: Karin Widegren taking up post as chairwoman with Luciano Martini as the new vice chairman. After three terms as ISGAN president, Michele de Nigris will focus on the End Use Working Party (EUWP) of AIE. RSE reaffirms its role as global benchmark for smart grids

After serving three whole terms as leader of ISGAN - that he actively contributed to set up in 2009 at the express request of the Italian Government during the G7 summit in L’Aquila - Michele De Nigris is now passing the chairmanship baton to Karin Widegren, Swedish, taking up post as new president of the International Smart Grid Action Network. However, Italy, and RSE in particular, will still be holding a top spot in the organization, being represented by Luciano Martini as the new vice-president.

“Italy deserves great credit for having fostered ISGAN’s creation” – said De Nigris, who also took the ISGAN Founder Award – “as well as for taking it to its current high levels, gathering 25 countries and holding an influential role under the CEM (Clean Energy Ministerial) initiative as well as at the IEA (International Energy Agency). Indeed, ISGAN was recently unanimously given mandate to continue its activities for the next 5 years”. De Nigris himself has recently taken up a post as Vice President of IEA’s End Use Working Party (EUWP).

All of the above will certainly contribute to fostering synergy and cooperation between the IEA and the two global initiative named CEM and MI (Mission Innovation), that also include non-OECD countries such as China and India that are not members of the IEA.