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Smart Grids

Smart Grids

The Italian leadership confirmed in the international arena thanks to RSE

A well coordinated action within the Italian delegation in the Mission Innovation (MI) preparatory meeting in Brussels last week has ben consolidated during the IEA International Smart Grids Action Network Technical Cooperation Programme (IEA ISGAN TCP) plenary meeting in New Delhi.

The co-leader of the MI challenge nr. 1 (Smart Grids) - Luciano Martini of RSE - has been appointed as vice chair of TCP. In the meanwhile strong links have been established with the co-leader Indian representative to prepare the next MI conference on Smart Grids planned on June 6-8 in Bejing.

The collaboration with India, China and all the partners of MI nr. 1 will also comprise the interaction with the European project Electra (coordinated by RSE). Leveraging on the results of these cooperation activities, the pivotal role of Italian research is effectively backing the excellent reputation of the Italian electric industry.