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The SmartNet European Project is coming to a close: its guidelines for power operators now to be assessed by the EU

The SmartNet European Project is coming to a close: its guidelines for power operators now to be assessed by the EU

On the 16th of May, the Arona Hotel of Verbania will host the final meeting of the SmartNet Project gathering the researchers of 22 partners (from 9 different European countries) as well as Italian and European experts, all tasked with smoothing the energy transition with appropriate technological and regulatory solutions.

Through intense work based on both theory and demonstration, the European SmartNet research project analysed the possible modalities for interaction between the TSOs (Transmission System Operators) and DSOs (Distribution System Operators) facing the energy transition. Issues like load and generation balancing and congestion management by distributed energy resources or DERs are faced ever more frequently at the interface between low-voltage and high-voltage grids.

The SmartNet European project (implemented under RSE's coordination within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme) looked at several architectures for coordination between TSOs and DSOs and compared them from the technical and economic perspectives. A special simulation platform was launched to draw said comparison through detailed modeling of transmission and distribution grids,  ancillary services markets, and every single energy source possibly involved (generators, loads  and storage units).

To assess the technical feasibility of possible architectures, simulation was matched with field tests  carried out under three pilot projects implemented in Denmark, Italy and Spain.

The optimal solution will depend to a large extent on each country's specificities e.g. grid layout, diffusion of distributed resources, level of grid penetration of unpredictable renewable sources, applicable regulations.

However, all conclusions drawn up based on the results achieved by the SmartNet project aroused great interest among the Commission's Directorate General for Energy and they are expected to serve as guidelines for the harmonisation of regulatory actions in the years to come.

Link to the conference agenda