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Besseghini (RSE): “Energy Storage Technology will Bring Benefits for the Energy System”

Besseghini (RSE): “Energy Storage Technology will Bring Benefits for the Energy System”

On the 17th of September RSE partecipated in the presentation of a research study, sponsored by ANIE Energy, on the spread of residential electric energy storage system

“The spreading of electrical storage systems in the grid as well as in households can really bring about a paradigm shift in energy usage and distribution toward something much more similar to what is already in place in the gas sector”.
That was RSE CEO Stefano Besseghini’s comment during the presentation of the Residential Electrical Storage Systems research paper, requested by ANIE, focusing on energy storage systems for home applications.

During the event taking place yesterday in Rome, the importance was highlighted of finding a technology that can meet the needs of renewable energy sources whose usage is increasingly spreading, as Besseghini pointed out: “The availability of electric energy storage systems would definitely push the whole system, already deeply changed by virtue of distributed generation, towards further developments and thus capable of bringing about real benefits, not only in economic terms, but also in terms of service level and quality of energy supply for all users”.

“The long standing relations between Italy’s research institutions” – he added - “and the country’s industrial sector must trigger the development of competitive, high-performing technologies that allow Italy to become the leading figure in this new stage of development for energy systems”. According to the paper presented by ANIE, the usage of domestic Energy storage systems by a group of 5 million Italian households (20% of the overall number) would lead to PV energy self-consumption increasing from 30 to 70%, with an overall benefit for the electric energy system estimated at around 500 million euros a year.