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Besseghini: “System research,the gateway to competitive development”

Besseghini: “System research,the gateway to competitive development”

Speaking at the conference Rinnovare l’innovazione energetica (Renewing energy innovation) the CEO of RSE Stefano Besseghini stated that research in the energy sector can be a driver for economic recovery if it is able to quickly adapt to the needs and demands of the country.

“A research that ignores its time context and does not take into account inputs from the market, reacting too slowly to the requests from stakeholders, can’t contribute to our country’s development”. Here’s how Stefano Besseghini, CEO of RSE, opened his speech at the Rinnovare l’innovazione energetica (Renewing Innovation in Energy) convention organized by I-Com (Institute for competitiveness) on Thursday, June 18 in Rome. RSE itself was included as scientific partner in the event.

“Only the kind of research that can timely and readily react to developments in the system by implementing project reconfiguration almost in real time - he added - can provide a competitive advantage to the whole system. What is needed, therefore, is a well-established network of relations linking the governance system, research centers and the business world, with special focus on SMEs”.

“SMEs, indeed, are the third player that can contribute to closing the circle of experimental projects. By their very nature, small companies are fast, streamlined, they do not need much time to launch the projects devised in research centers that need to go through the engineering and development stages”.

During the I-Com meeting, the Rapporto 2013 sull’Innovazione Energetica (Report on Innovation in the Energy Sector – 2013) was presented. The report was drawn up in collaboration with ABB Italia, Assoelettrica, CNR, Enea, Enel, Eni, RSE and Terna. Data contained therein show that Italian research ranks high in the list of countries by number of scientific publications, while staying stuck down at the bottom of the list in terms of money spent on research globally and number of patents.

Starting from the first figure, in 2012 a good 113 of the some 2,500 papers published on the most prestigious international scientific magazines dealing with energy bore the signature of Italian researchers. This nice result is not, unfortunately, matched with a suitable number of corresponding patents. Out of 17,437 patents taken into considerations, filed at the European Patent Office in 2012 concerning low environmental impact energy technologies, only 154 belong to Italian.