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Conference on Public Participation by INSPIRE-Grid

Conference on Public Participation by INSPIRE-Grid

Appointment on January 25 in the Belgian capital. This European project, coordinated by RSE, has set itself the goal of integrating the different needs of the various stakeholders in the planning process of new high-voltage lines and a better representation in the decision-making process the views of all stakeholders.

Whether you call it Monsterpylons (UK), Monstertrasse (DE) or Monstermaster (NO) – the phenomenon is the same: very often and all over Europe, different stakeholder groups form and vocalise strong opposition to high-voltage power lines. Be it concerns over negative health impacts, possible consequences for the local economy or non-transparent decision-making procedures: there are many reasons why people question ongoing grid projects. However, industry and politics agree that the modernisation of the current grid infrastructure system is indispensible for the energy transition, system security and the integration of the European internal energy market.

So what can be done to incorporate these concerns and needs of stakeholders better into planning processes? How can different groups be better represented in decision-making procedures? And how can both project developers and researchers contribute to further improvement of existing tools? We would like to discuss these questions with you at the upcoming

Conference on Public Participation: State of the art approaches to stakeholder engagement in electricity infrastructure projects

 the Final Conference of the INSPIRE-Grid project