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INSPIRE-GRID,now online to improve social acceptance

INSPIRE-GRID,now online to improve social acceptance

The website of the European three-year project funded under FP7 and coordinated by RSE is now online.

The Inspire-Grid website is finally online. The European project was launched in October, last year with funds from the 7th Framework Program and is going to last 3 years.

INSPIRE-Grid (Improved and eNhanced Stakeholders Participation In Reinforcement of Electricity Grid) is implemented under the coordination of RSE and it aims to develop methods to foster the general public’s and stakeholders’ involvement in the development of grid infrastructures and enhance their public acceptance on the territory.

Project participants include Transmission System Operators as well as research organizations gathered under a partnership covering France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Norway and Switzerland.
The project also involves as observers some other TSOs, public authorities and different non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental, wildlife and landscape protection issues.

The website’s ‘news’‘events’  and ‘publications’  sections provide an update on the main novelties in the sector with special focus on events of international caliber. Everyone can send comments or suggestions to post fresh contents, news, happenings and links through the Contact us section provided specifically for the purpose.

Check out the project’s website at:

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