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RSE Provides Summary View on Smart Grid Achievements

RSE Provides Summary View on Smart Grid Achievements

RSE’s report titled A Snapshot of Smart Grids Achievements in Italy  describes the main applications for smart grid technologies to transmission and distribution networks, outlines the main projects underway and depicts Italy’ s future prospects and trends in the sector

Energy efficiency, variable renewable sources’ integration, lower energy bills, wider ranges of products and services to be offered to an ever changing consumers’ landscape: how can we make all the key pieces of the energy puzzle fit together?
The question has but one answer: smart grids. In principle, the notion of smart grids includes a set of actions aimed at improving the power grid’s structure and operating modalities to make it more flexible, efficient, reliable and better equipped to accommodate the different elements mentioned above.
By implementing smart grid technologies, grid users’ system status monitoring capacity can be enhanced (through sensors and measurement units like electronic meters above all others); plus, the grid can be remotely and automatically maintained, thus enabling its reconfiguration if needed with no need to cut users off grid or act on the adjustment system of gen sets connected thereto.

Smart grids are also about enabling users to get a better picture of their power usage profile and make it smarter, reducing power consumption when energy is scarcely available while allowing higher consumption when there is more on offer.
Our Country is a leader for its know-how and competence in the field of applied novel grid technology and grid innovation, thanks to its well established experience with installing and operating electronic metering units for millions of users and to the extensive, widespread implementation of grid automation and grid protection procedures. Such an extensive diffusion of electronic power meters was, actually, just one step in the plan to implement experimental solutions and modernize the grid still underway, which has further enhanced an industrial and research chain that has few rivals on the international stage.

To have an easy and quick look at Italy’s achievements in the field, future prospects and open challenges in the smart grid sector, RSE has drawn up and published a summary report titled A Snapshot of Smart Grids Achievements in Italy, that opens with a description of the Italian energy and power systems and moves on to outline the main applications of smart grid technologies to transmission and distribution grids, the main projects underway, summarizing Italy’s future prospects and trends in the sector.
The publication - downloadable from this very website ( - shows how lively the world of research into those topic is and stresses the interest of operators and government administrations in the aforementioned issues; demonstration projects launched and implemented in Milan, Genoa, Turin, Bari and several other Italian cities provide a nice proof thereof.