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APOLLON: Five years of Work In One Monograph

APOLLON: Five years of Work In One Monograph

The report, issued in English and edited by RSE, provides an overview of the entire concentrating photovoltaic technology's development chain, including an economic analysis.

It has been issued the monograph relevant to the large integrated project APOLLON (Multi-APprOach for high efficiency integrated and inteLLigent CONcentrating PV module), recently concluded in the frame of VII European program.

The report, compiled by the Coordinator of the project APOLLON Gianluca Timò, summarizes the whole work carried out in 5 years, bringing together the results from all the development chain of the Concentrating Photovoltaic technology, from the growth technology to the system characterisation and environmental impact. The report include an economic analysis and how to address the future research on CPV in order to increase the performance and the competitiveness of the technology.

The monograph has already received the compliments of the International Photovoltaic Community. .

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