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Project GESTDOMANDA 2017

Demand Side Management

Power System Research


Cristina Cavicchioli

The project declines in the Italian context the application of schemes and instruments that favor the management of electricity demand. The report reports the activities carried out by RSE during the reference period of PAR 2017.

The report describes research activities carried out by RSE as part of the 2017 Annual Implementation Programme on "Demand Side Management".

The project aims to provide tools, methodologies, technologies and comparative evaluations for implementing demand side management schemes in Italy. Such measures range from devices for displaying and presenting electricity consumption to end customers, to applications for optimizing customers load profile, even with the presence of storage systems, with the final objective to provide services to the customer and to the grid. Scenarios for the application of dynamic pricing are identified, the figure and the role of the aggregator are outlined, work is done to outline guidelines for empowering end users to participate in schemes of demand side management and taking part in the free market. Technology and applicative functions for optimizing energy at customer premises are also provided. Additionally, a device for the load control of water heaters and refrigerators is also modelled with the goal to provide support to frequency regulation, eventually acting as a "synthetic inertia". The performance and reliability of PV modules widely used for local energy production are also evaluated, with particular attention to innovative PV systems suitable for architectural integration. Attention is also paid to improve forecasts of load and renewable energy production considering most influential variables. The project also evaluates the “rebound effect” and the role of users in renewed high efficiency buildings. In this context, attention is also paid to the role that new thermal storage systems may assume in future buildings. Finally, the possibility for multi-energy systems for providing support to the grid is also discussed.

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