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Project SCENARI 2015

Analysis and electrical scenarios, energy, environmental

The project “Energy and environment scenario analysis” is part of the wider theme “Governance, management and development of the interconnected national electricity system and market integration”. It deals with the development of electric and energy national system scenario and of the interactions between the energy system and environment.

Papers: presentation
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M. Gallanti, Cost benefit analysis of energy storage systems for ancillary services, L'accumulo di energia negli impianti elettrici utilizzatori 6-8 , Maggio-2015. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, The small Italian islands: CBA of the RES introduction in the current power system using storage systems, SOLAREXPO 2015 Fotovoltaico Off Grid Impinati Ibridi, Storage e Mini Grid Ibride Elettrificazione Rurale 8-10 , Aprile-2015. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, S. Rossi, F. Lanati, The Italian power system evolution, from the current thermoelectric crisis to 2030 scenarios, Giornata raccolta Input per le previsioni energetiche 17, Dicembre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
F. Apadula, 18° WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques (GGMT), 18° WMO/IAEA Meeting internazionale 13–17 , Settembre-2015. Presentation Power System Research
A. Gelmini, “European Market Coupling: The Possible Impact on Renewable National Production, LookOut - Rinnovabili Elettriche Q4 2014 10, Marzo-2015. Presentation Power System Research
P. Faggian, A. Gelmini, G. Pirovano, F. Rossi, M. Sforna, Climate Changes and the Electric network, AEIT Resilienza dei Sistemi Elettrici 21, Maggio-2015. Presentation Power System Research

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Power System Research