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Project RETE-DIS 2015

Evolution and development of distribution networks

The increase of Distributed Generation in distribution networks makes necessary the provision of ancillary services by the distributed resources, including storage systems, the definition of KPIs to compare the benefits of the new Smart Grid solutions, the development of methods for an advanced management of active networks and of the co-simulation to take into account the interactions between the network and the communication infrastructures.

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G. Celli, M. Garau, E. Ghiani, Co-simulazione e architetture di controllo per reti di distribuzione attive: valutazione perdifferenti tecnologie in MT e BT RSE 16002265, 2015. Report Power System Research
C. Carlini, D. Clerici, M. Rossi, G. Viganò, D. Moneta, M.T. Vespucci, et al., Operational planning per le reti attive: rassegna dei servizi ancillari e degli indicatori di prestazione RSE 16002263, 2015. Report Power System Research

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Power System Research