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SoES Project Overview

La presentazione riguarda i risultati del Progetto Europeo SoES quali: la raccolta sistematica delle conoscenze su quattro casi d’uso in ambito Smart Grid, in termini di architetture ICT, standard di sicurezza, policy e best practice; identificando lacune e possibili migliorie.

The analyses conducted by the project activities followed a bottom up approach, deriving global architectures, general policies and best practices from the detailed analysis of representative smart grid use cases. The project developments built up on the background knowledge made available by the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Smart Grid Coordination Group, by security standards developed by ISO/IEC, NIST, IEC, IEEE and IETF and by the policy related documents published by ENTSO-E, Expert Group 2 of EC DG Energy and ENISA.

The main project results are: the systematic collection of the knowledge about four selected Smart Grid use cases in terms of ICT architectures, security standards, policies and best practices; the identification of some gaps in this corpus, with respect to the security analysis of those selected use cases; and some integration proposals.