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Wind and solar data collection over the Italian territory at RSE

pubblicazioni - Poster

Wind and solar data collection over the Italian territory at RSE

In recent years, the number of renewable energy plants in Italy has been growing more and more. Correspondingly, the request of wind and solar data has been increasing too. Accurate meteorological data are requested for the planning of new power plants. Concerning Italy, European wind and solar energy Atlas are not suitable for detailed evaluations.  In fact,  as underlined by the Atlas authors, they are often based on a few number of meteorological stations, often localized far from the place where the plant should be installed. The complex nature of  the Italian terrain  enhances this problem. Another important issue is the monitoring of the plants, distributed on the territory. Wind and solar data are used to check the performance of integrated systems, both by the Generation companies and by the grid managing bodies. Modellers ask for meteorological data for validation and post processing purposes. They are especially interested in data measured at sites with different orographic characteristics. For these different objectives RSE is collecting wind and solar data on the Italian territory, mainly in correspondence of renewable plants. The data are supplied both by public and private companies, as ENEA and ENEL. Some power data are also available and can be used, in accordance with the diffusion agreements that RSE subscribed with these companies. Using an automatic system, the data are acquired in near real time and are stored in MySQL databases.

Solar sites are:

Milan (RSE),

Casaccia ( close to Rome),

Catania ( Sicily),

Rosora ( Marche),

Maiolati ( Marche),


For solar plant monitoring and forecast validation, MSG images are elaborated and stored in real-time to obtain a cloud index, in order to evaluate the presence or absence of cloud over every Italian pixel. On the basis of this algorithm, sunshine duration maps over Italy are also generated and keep stored every day. Wind sites, with data at different heights are:

S.Giorgio La Molara ( Campania) ,

Serra Cortina ( Calabria),

Valledolmo ( Sicily),

Wind profile measures from a SODAR, installed in Lampedusa, controlled by RSE and ENEA are also available. Some of these data are available only with the permission of the owner. All the previous types of data are already used, after a validation, both by the companies collaborating with RSE and by the RSE modellers, especially for validation purposes.