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Marine and ocean energy

The energy of marine currents and wave motion is the kinetic energy produced by the huge masses of moving water in seas and oceans, for which different types of turbines are used for electricity conversion. Technologies for the exploitation of mari...

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ENEMAR 2017, Electrical Energy from the sea, Power System Research, 2017. Maximo Aurelio Peviani
ENEMAR 2015, Marine Energy Conversion, Power System Research, 2015. Laura Serri
EOLMAR 2014, Energia elettrica da fonte eolica e da fonte marina, Power System Research, 2014. Laura Serri
SMART GRIDS 2012, Generazione distribuita, reti attive e sistemi di accumulo, Power System Research, 2012. Luciano Martini
P03 (GOV), Collaborazioni internazionali e sviluppo competenze in materia nucleare, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Luigi Mazzocchi
P04 (PROD), Studi su potenziali sviluppi delle energie rinnovabili, Power System Research, 2009 - 2011. Antonio Nicola Negri
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