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A European Methodology for the Security Assessment of Dams

A European Methodology for the Security Assessment of Dams

Dams are a vital and a critical part of Europe’s infrastructure, providing extraordinary benefits to society, such as: renewable hydroelectric power; drinking water; flood protection; irrigation and recreation, but also represent a public safety issue, as dam failures can result in severe loss of life, economic disaster and extensive environmental damage.

The project was aimed at the development of a European methodology for the security assessment of dams against threats such as: terrorist attacks, sabotage and malevolent intrusions and addressed the following specific problems:

– recognition that security of dams against terrorist attack/sabotage is nowadays a hot critical issue in European countries;
– lack of systematic and rational approaches for the security assessment of dams, either at national and European level;
– lack of a broad diffusion and application of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk management methodologies to support comprehensive safety assessment and upgrading of dams;
– lack of technical and decisional tools to support risk mapping of dams, with regards to terrorist threats at European level.