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Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies: Level 2 PSA

Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies: Level 2 PSA

The objective of this coordination action, launched within the 7th Framework programme EURATOM (Fission-2007-2.13: Advanced Safety Assessment Methodologies), is to develop best practice guidelines for the performance of Level-2 PSA methodologies with a view to harmonization at EU level and allowing a meaningful and practical uncertainty evaluation in a Level-2 PSA of nuclear power plants.

Specific relationships with community in charge of nuclear reactor safety (utilities, safety authorities, vendors, and research or services companies) will be established in order to define the current needs in terms of guidelines for level 2 PSA development and applications.

A technical group of level 2 PSA experts from project partners will propose guidelines for a limited-scope and a full-scope L2 PSA based on practical experience of each partner and international cooperation (especially SARNET). Elaboration of these guidelines for operating plants will be the main activity of this coordination action. This guideline will be discussed with end-users community and their opinion will be taken into account in the final version. The applicability of such a guideline for future reactors of Generation IV will be also examined.