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Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance

Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance

The determination of the carbon balance of the European continent, its geographical pattern, and changes over time are performed by executing: a strategically focussed set of surface based ecological measurements of carbon pools and CO2 exchange; further enhancement of an atmospheric high precision observation system for CO2 and other trace gases; a regional high spatial resolution experiment; an integration of these components by means of innovative data assimilation systems, bottom-up process modelling and top-down inverse modelling.

The enhanced understanding of the controlling mechanisms of carbon Cycling in European ecosystem is performed by executing: the partitioning of carbon fluxes in their constituents parts (assimilation, respiration, fossil fuel burning); the quantification of the effects of the management; the developments of ecosystem process models. The development of an observation system to detect changes of carbon stocks and carbon fluxes, related to the European commitments under the Kyoto Protocol is performed by: collecting atmospheric measurements to detect changes on CO2 concentration; outline a carbon accounting system, based on carbon fluxes and stock changes in soil and vegetation inventories.


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