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Galileo Time and Synchronization Applications

Galileo Time and Synchronization Applications

HARRISON project deals with Time and Synchronization Applications made available with the use of Galileo (the future European Global Navigation Satellite Systems GPS). Harrison Project started in the framework of the GSA (GNSS Supervisor Authority) an European Union body.

The aim of the project is to study the advantages in Time and Synchronization applications offered by Galileo System. The project is basically arranged in 3 major phases: – the User Community Analysis – the development of a solution demonstrator – the field trials of the demonstrator The user community consists of partners belonging to several application domains such as: Scientific Applications on Timing and Astronomy and Quantum Cryptography, Banking, Railways, Energy and Power, Mobile communications, Network Security, Satellite Service Providers. The user community is represented by both Industrial Partners and /or Public bodies like University and Research Institutes.

The user community analysis includes also a market analysis performed by a specialised company to identify business opportunity in timing applications for the forthcoming Galileo constellation. Purpose of this project phase is to analyse the Time and Synchronisation applications for each domain and study the advantages offered by the availability of a common precise time reference recovered by the Galileo SIS. Moreover this activity is also stimuli for the development of new ideas. The proposed demonstrator is called Authenticated and Certified Time Solution (ACTS) and is aimed to study the feasibility of using the time distributed by the Galileo System Authenticated and Certified through the Galileo System and added value services.

The legal aspects are also considered and a dedicated Analysis is performed considering the European Community laws and the acts in the major EU countries.