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Open Public Extended Network Metering

The concept of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is rapidly evolving towards Smart multi-metering or multi-functional Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). In a future AMI scenario, the electricity grids will be interactive for both power generation sources and loads, transporting not only electricity but also bi-directional data.

This will allow energy service companies to provide demand management capabilities while also establishing new services that create value for energy consumers, network operators, metering operators and retailers. These services will include automatic meter reading, remote (re)connection and disconnection, flexible tariff management, demand side management and demand response to market and network signals together with the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The European Commission promotes the use of ICT to improve energy efficiency, and in particular identifies intelligent metering as a way forward to achieve those targets.

As such, AMI has been identified as a key building block of the “SmartGrids” of the Future. Metering services will represent the gateway for access to the new grid, and may have a critical consequence on power demand. The main problem for the large adoption of AMI at a European or global level, is the lack of a set of widely accepted open standards capable of guaranteeing the interoperability of both systems and devices produced by different manufacturers in the metering and control industry.

The acronym OPEN meter stands for Open Public Extended Networkedmetering, which shows the main characteristics of the solution that the project proposes:

Why Open and Public? The project will specify a completely open and public set of Smart Multi Metering Standards. All stakeholders will be granted free access to the project outcomes and results comprising the detailed technical specifications for them to bring interoperable products to the market, but allowing also other more advanced implementations compliant with some required functionalities to be defined. This will indeed boost competition in the metering market for the benefit of the consumers.
Why Extended? Because the solution envisaged goes far beyond electricity, gas, water and heat meter reading. The high data transfer rates expected to be delivered by the solutions proposed in OPEN meter project, will allow the provision of new services to the customer, given by energy service providers, while at the same time invaluable information will be given to network operators that will improve quality, reliability, and responsiveness to network failures.
Why Networked? The solution to be delivered will transform energy metering and control devices from being mere communication enabled devices into intelligent and interoperable nodes integrated in a modern AMI that will eventually reach not only home appliances but will also be connected with a variety of Control Systems and utility applications.



You may access the project website to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, pubblications and more.