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People Centric easy to implement e-mobility

People Centric easy to implement e-mobility

FREE-MOBY projects aim to implement and easy to deploy micro fully electrical vehicles (450-650kg and speeds up to 90+ km/h)) and city EVs (650-1000kg).

By an extra cost of only 15% solar installations in roof houses can be integrated with robust battery packs that can smooth peak powers up to 30%. Solar parking and integrated photovoltaic-battery installations are becoming more and more popular in many EU countries. The availability of largely deployed renewable energy installations attracts a large number of EV users with a push-pull impact on efficiency, reduced energy waste (wind) and dependency on hydrocarbons.

FREE-MOBY addresses:

  • Developments of prototypes of premium Micro EVs for both passengers and freight delivery applying large scale manufacturing concepts
  • Full convergence between renewable energy and electromobility with common technology developments
  • Demonstration of secure and smart interactivity vehicle to infrastructures
  • Development of a simplified electric architecture serving a two motor powertrain with robotised two gear box and independent two axels control
  • Development of universal battery-monitoring systems, with a focus on simplified battery management systems based on pure monitoring of cells status
  • Development of sub-module battery packs holdings integrating monitoring and managing sensing electronics
  • Development of modular battery packs sub-modules based on standard battery cells including the option of safe partialswapping
  • ICT use leading to lower vehicles production cost and simplified maintenance
  • Developments smart photovoltaic modules with embedded electronic
  • Integration of simplified overall electric architectures by adopting the ICT advancements introduced in portable devices

The project will open a new route in electro-mobility based on simplicity, freedom of operation, low cost of use and easy to find components.