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Quality Management, Organisation, Validation of Standards, Developments and Inquiries for SR

Quality Management, Organisation, Validation of Standards, Developments and Inquiries for SR

Solid Recovered Fuels are prepared from non-hazardous waste. Their use is regulated under EU legislation and implies specifications for commercial or regulatory purposes.

SRFs are seen as important contribution to a sustainable EU waste management. Directive 2001/77/EC includes in its scope the production of electricity from biomass, being defined as the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from agriculture, forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste. In this context the EC gave a mandate (M325) to CEN to develop and validate Technical Specification (TS) concerning SRF for energy recovery and to transform these TS into European Standards.

To meet these requests, QUOVADIS adopts a holistic validation programme covering quality management and the validation exercises for the pre-standards of CEN TC 343. Results dissemination and knowledge exchange in the enlarged EU is also taken in due account by collecting data on production and potential of SRF. Achieved results include a Full documentation (including Round Robins and ruggedness) on validated TS for 19 TS for chemical, physical, biological, and sampling to be submitted to CEN; so as to cover: sampling, (sampling and sample reduction; preparation of test-portion); the validated classification system for SRF; the documentation on the application of QM to selected plants, including cost/benefit analysis (CBA); a comprehensive database on SRF in Europe, based on the classification system necessary for the validation of the TS The project gave some important conclusions, demonstrating that SRF seems to be a valid way for a proper and environmental acceptable use of non-hazardous waste, mainly for waste fraction difficult to be recycled; this is particularly evident in small Countries where relatively low waste streams are produced A common classification system of SRF thoroughly Europe is essential to improve the market giving the same rules in all the EU Member States.

The availability of common EN standard for the SRF characterisation and the development of an agreed Quality Management System can contribute to the Public acceptance of SRF for energy production.