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Renewable Energy and Liberalisation in Selected Electricity Markets – Forum

Renewable Energy and Liberalisation in Selected Electricity Markets – Forum

REALISE-Forum analysed the interaction between liberalised electricity markets and policies supporting the market penetration of electricity produced from renewable energy sources (RES-E in the following), concentrating on the two most widely used RES-E promotion instruments: Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and quota systems with Tradable Green Certificates (TGCs).

In doing so, REALISE-Forum tried to establish a basis for coherence of national policies in view of a possible co-ordinated approach in the European Union (EU) after 2010. REALISE-Forum brought together members from public authorities, industry, electricity utilities, RES-E associations, financial institutions, consumers´ associations, environ­mental organisations and other stakeholders involved in policy making or research about RES-E.

The project set up a Joint Contact Point (JCP) to guarantee a continuous flow of information between partners, energy policy actors, and running EU projects. In addition, national desks were established in participating countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, and Slovenia). They organised consultations among stakeholders in their respective countries, albeit following differ­ent paths as for timing and methodology. Germany, Italy and Slovenia opted for sending out questionnaires followed by national hearings. In the Netherlands, two surveys were carried out in 2005 and 2006. The consultation led by Norway was based on interviews and workshops involving all countries of the Scandinavian area. Two international workshops were organised to involve additional experts also from non-participating countries (e.g. the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Belgium etc.).

One was focused on TGCs and took place in Milan (Italy) on 15th and 16th December 2005, the other was focused on FITs and was held in Maribor (Slovenia) on 10th and 11th May 2006. The final international conference of the project took place in Berlin (Germany), on 2nd and 3rd November 2006. It highlighted the results achieved and discussed recommendations on future co-ordination and opti­misation of RES-E support systems. The work of the project team benefited from the advice of a Steering Group consisting of 12 members of high standing from among European institutions, energy market actors and RES-E policy experts.

This group played an important role in creating a link with the major actors in the European RES-E sector, supporting dissemination of project results, and advising on specific issues.



You may access the project website to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, publications and more.