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Roadmap for a European Innovative SOdium cooled FAst Reactor

Roadmap for a European Innovative SOdium cooled FAst Reactor

Fast Reactors have a unique capability as sustainable energy source in terms of both utilisation of fissile material for energy production and minimisation of the nuclear waste, due to the hard neutron spectrum; Liquid Metal Fast Reactors (LMFR) are among the selected Generation IV systems to address the sustainability issues.

The Specific Support Action (SSA) named “Roadmap for a European Innovative Sodium cooled FAst Reactor – EISOFAR” aims enabling the European Community to define its specific R&D strategic objectives on sodium cooled fast reactors embedded in the ongoing discussions performed within the Coordination Action on the Sustainable Nuclear Fission Technology Platform (SNF-TP); it has the ambition to be a key component of the European Strategic Research Agenda addressing research and development as well as technology demonstration (at the pre-competitive stage).

For this, the proposal will establish an initial roadmap for a European R&D programme for a fourth generation European Sodium cooled Fast Reactor (ESFR).