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Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart GENeration grids through ICT

Supporting Energy Efficiency in Smart GENeration grids through ICT

SEESGEN-ICT dealt with ICT, Energy Efficiency and Smart Grids integrating the Distributed Generation. In the perspective of the so called 20-20-20 Europe Strategy to contrast the effects of the climate change, the above key words are strictly interrelated.

To enable the above attainments, ICT is essential. ICT provides solution-based tools to overcome fragmentation, i.e. integrating distributed power sources in Smart Grids; creating intelligent management of distributed systems and all their components; monitoring of performances such as recording and accounting of energy fluxes. ICT is also necessary for implementing Energy Efficiency strategies through Demand-side initiatives and to provide the instruments for the effective robust and resilient implementation of the new business models.

Designing ICT for managing the smart grids with integrated distributed energy resources is a challenge that cannot be won by a single utility, industry or country. It requires collaboration of all stakeholders, in an interdisciplinary approach that brings together experiences from the different countries with their different situations and from different viewpoints, in order to contribute to a scalable system that is beneficial to the grid in the different parts of Europe.

SEESGEN-ICT was a Thematic Network integrated by a large base of core participants (24 from 15 different EU Countries). The TN was designed around five main areas: large scale integration of distributed and renewable sources of energy was addressed focusing generation and demand based resources but also integrating local intelligence. Business models for deploying expected solutions and associated environmental aspects were also treated. Each of the specific issues were studied under the same approach: first ICT offers and needs, then barriers and solutions, then ICT and policy actions to end with an ordered list of actions and recommendations per Stakeholder to push actively the participation and deployment of advanced ICT on energy efficiency goals. SEESGEN-ICT aimed, finally, at delivering recommendations for supporting good practices of ICT implementation through Test Facilities.



You may access the project website to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, publications and more.