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Smart Grid Architectures: from Use Cases to ICT Requirements

L’articolo fornisce una breve descrizione dei quattro casi d’uso specificati nel progetto SmartC2Net, insieme ad una visione di alto livello della loro architettura integrata e ai KPI (Key Performance Indicator) che guidano lo sviluppo di infrastrutture di controllo avanzate.

The scope of this paper is to address the evolution of distribution grid architectures following the widespread introduction of renewable energy sources. The increasing connection of distributed resources has a strong impact on the topology and the control functionality of the current distribution grids requiring the development of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions with various degrees of adaptation of the monitoring, communication and control technologies. The costs of ICT based solutions need however to be taken into account, hence it is desirable to work with existing communication networks.

The objective of the European FP7 project SmartC2Net in this regard is to enable robust smart grid control utilizing heterogeneous third party communication infrastructures. The paper provides a short description of the four use cases specified within the SmartC2Net project, together with a high level view of their integrated architecture and sample KPIs (Kei Performance Indicator) driving the development of advance control infrastructures.