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CP-ESFR (Collaborative Project on European Sodium FastReactor)

rapporti - Rapporto di Sintesi

CP-ESFR (Collaborative Project on European Sodium FastReactor)

The CP-ESFR has the ambition to establish a scientific and technical basis for the European Sodium fast Reactor.

The key research goals for fourth generation of European sodium cooled fast reactors can be summarized as follows:

• An improved safety.
• A financial risk comparable to that of the other means of energy production.
• A flexible and robust management of the nuclear materials.

All these issues were addressed by the project. In addition, it contributed to rebuilt the European expertise on sodium cooledfast reactors

The project was organized in 6 Sub projects:

–   SP0: Management (administrative & technical activities)
–   SP1: Consistency and assessment
–   SP2: Fuel, fuel element, core & fuel cycle
–   SP3: Safety concept options and PR & PP issues
–   SP4: Innovative Reactor Architecture, components and BOP
–   SP5: Education & training

Main results of the project

The main results since the beginning of the project are:

    • Detailed definition of starting points for the studies (working horses) for the core and the reactor.
    • The identification of core design options to improve inherent safety and transmutation capabilities.
    • The identification and review of solutions for the improvement of ESFR safety.
    • The identification and study of innovative options for the main reactor components and fluids.
    • The knowledge dissemination through European seminars and doctoral dissertations on the key issues of fast cooled fastreactors: safety, technology and physics.